The Holiday Pop-Up Shops are returning to Oklahoma City this holiday season! All of the details are available on the Holiday Pop-Up Shops website!

Holiday Pop-Up Shops


2013 Holiday Pop-Up Shops


When my mom reminisces about the time in her 20's that she worked in Downtown OKC, she talks about shopping on her lunch break in the underground, grabbing jelly bellies from a cute little candy shop and strolling along beautiful shop windows. Although this may not be a completely accurate perception of Downtown OKC in the 70's (I'm sure Steve Lackmeyer will let me know), it's one that I've always held as a goal. 

I want a downtown that's bustling with activity — all day, not just 8-5. I want shops and restaurants to have successful businesses in our downtown. I want visitors that stay at the Skirvin to have a plethora of unique places to go within walking distance. 

We've come a long way and if the success of places like Shop Good and Elemental Coffee or the grand opening of our first downtown grocer Native Roots Market are any indication, we're headed in the right direction. 

This holiday season, I've curated a set of Pop-Up Shops in the Myriad Botanical Gardens' restaurant. I want this to not only serve as an efficient way for downtown employees to get ALL of their holiday shopping done at local shops but also as a preview of what our downtown can become. I encourage you to support these pop-up shops and let them know that you appreciate the work that it's taken to set up a temporary shop downtown. 

Myriad Gardens Pop-Up Shops

The complete details of the event are available on my Pop-Up Shops page. But, here's a quick list of who to expect at some point in this holiday season: Blue Seven, Full Circle Bookstore, Uptown Kids, Sara Kate Studios, Cedarburg Square, The MakeUp BarA Date with Iris, Urbane, Kokopelli, Pencil Shavings Studio, True North Living, Native Roots Market, Bella Vita Jewelry, Boho Gypsy and a gift wrapping station. That's a group of OKC's finest, people! 

Shops open Black Friday and will continue popping up until Christmas Eve. Hours of operation are 11am-8pm.

I'm so optimistic about the holiday season — there's something magical that comes from doing a project that you have only dreamed of....

Cheers to an local-shop-lovin' holiday season!


"I would live here," I say in nearly every city that I visit. But, in reality, there are only a few cities that I would actually follow through on that threat. 

Austin, Texas is one of those cities. 

Greetings from Austin wall at Roadhouse Relics in Austin Texas

My OKC friend Brigette tweeted at me while I vacationed there a few weeks ago, "I have an irrational fear that @shopcrawlr is moving to Austin. 2nd time there in as many weeks. Remember your OKC love, Allison." I did, and I came home.

OKC will always be my home, but Austin can be my roadtrip destination of choice.

Austin is completely populated with local business, making it a playground for local shopping lovers like me. Each restaurant or shop has a very individual quality to it, obviously a spawn of some young entreprenuer's dreams. My itinerary was packed so intensely with local shops that I wasn't able to visit all of them. 

uncommon OBJECTS Austin Texas by Shopcrawlr

uncommon OBJECTS ranked 1st on the list. I had attempted to visit them in the past, but missed their store hours. So, after a quick breakfast at the Magnolia Cafe, we headed down South Congress.  

uncommon OBJECTS sign Austin Texas by Shopcrawlr

uncommon OBJECTS greets you with a massive entrance, I presume an old theater of some kind, adorned by a roping cowboy riding a pink bunny with a blue eye. That pretty much sets the mood for what you will find inside. Although the store is divided up into booths, it maintains an aesthtic of quirky found objects with a warm industrial vibe.

English ironstone, next to old grain bags, next to a vintage air force sign...

Ironstone at uncommon OBJECTS Austin Texas by Shopcrawlr

Followed closely by large metal sign lettering...

uncommon OBJECTS sign type austin texas by shopcrawlr

My personal style leans a little industrial and there were several pieces that I wanted to immediately pack up and bring back to OKC with me. These lockers would be perfect for storing linens in, right?

uncommon OBJECTS Austin Texas lockers industrial vintage

Amazing vintage signs were everywhere inside uncommon OBJECTS, but I thought this booth had an exceptional collection. 

vintage signs at uncommon OBJECTS Austin, TX by Shopcrawlr

The back corner booth was a mid century motherlode. 

mid century chairs at uncommon OBJECTS Austin Texas

Wonderful little nooks of goodies were every direction that I turned...

uncommon OBJECTS Austin, Texas chicken anatomy posters

state glasses at uncommon OBJECTS Austin, Texas

uncommon OBJECTS is definitely a winner. Visit soon!
1512 S. Congress
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 442-4000 

vintage ribbons uncommon OBJECTS Austin, Texas by Shopcrawlr


I'm pretty loyal to small businesses that earn my respect and never disappoint. Trichology is one of those businesses.

Several years ago, frustrated with my current hair stylist, I sent a tweet out looking for a stylist that was familiar with curly hair. Trichology replied & booked my appointment on the spot. And, for more than three years, they've been continuing to impress me. 

Their latest video with Choate House is no exception. When you have a few minutes, check it out:

Trichology Video



Oh, and if you have curly hair (or not) & you're looking for a new stylist, I can't recommend Travis at Trichology enough. 


Before descending upon a destination, I heavily investigate its local shopping venues. More often than not, shopping is not my primary reason for visiting a new city (shocker!) and mapping out shopping destinations ahead of time can prove to be very valuable when I'm presented with unexpected free time. In the case of my last trip, I actually planned an entire afternoon of local shopping into my schedule, a luxury that was highly rewarding.

During the trip, I stayed in Salt Lake City. However, after polling several times on twitter, I hadn't developed a lengthy list of local SLC shops. I did, however, find several shops in Park City, a 45 minute drive from SLC. So, I rented a car and drove straight out to Park City when I landed in SLC.

It was two days prior to Sundance Film Festival, so the downtown streets of Park City were a little chaotic. I loved it. At one point, I sat on a bench and watched crews load in the Kenneth Cole & Acura pop-up shops into small museum-like spaces. The only downside of this timing is that several small retailers were also doing individual designer pop-up spaces within their shops. I received comments like, "my shop is so empty until tomorrow." It really didn't bother me though, I can tell if a shop is a good shop.

And, Prospect is a good shop.

Prospect was not only the first shop that I found online leading up to my trip, but it was also the first shop that I visited when I arrived in Park City. I actually used its address in my GPS. It didn't disappoint. 

Prospect, Park City Utah

Prospect has a dry goods feel to it, but with a little glamour. They sell beautiful semi-precious jewelry (like the necklace pictured above) but paired with utility boots and rustic bags.

boots at Prospect

canvas bags at Prospect

In the back, you'll find both a men's and women's rack filled with apparel: some architectural, some soft and cottony for layering. Kathleen would love the muted tones and textures of their pieces. I did.

Prospect Apparel

If Prospect had intentions of the cold dry goods vibe, they didn't succeed. Their shop is absolutely welcoming and warm and the owner was captivating to chat with. They were preparing for a Nixon pop-up shop while I was there and I almost drove back up to attend the next day.

Spaces like this give the shop a great amount of character.

Prospect Nook

Although I captured no photos of their adorable children's counterpart, Prospect Youth, I can attest that it is undeniably cute. If you enjoy a good adult outfit, shrunked into child size, you'll love the place. It's just down the street from Prospect and I encourage you to stop there too!

509 Main Street
Park City, Utah 84060
(435) 655-3250

Prospect Youth
523 Main Street
Park City, Utah 84060
(435) 322-0012 


I just returned from a conference in Salt Lake City (Altitude Design Summit) and of course, I was able to sneak in a little local shopping while I was there. Articles & shop directory listings will be posted tomorrow morning!

Eat Sleep Read Local

Do you have a favorite Salt Lake City shop? Let me know & I'll list it in the directory!



Black Optical is, undoubtedly, an innovative business. Whether gathering one-of-a-kind eyewear for their locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa or creating thoughtful window displays (Oklahoma City holiday 2011, Tulsa early fall 2011, Black Optical gravitates toward good design. I'm always impressed. 

Their latest signature product, however, may be their best design yet... the Eyewear Sleeve.

Black Optical Eyewear Case

These eyewear sleeves are designed by Black Optical using a single piece of leather and crafted by Makr Carry Goods. Sleeves are available in three colors: navy, saddle tan and black. Their slim design is comfortable to slip in a shirt or jacket pocket and fits most pairs of glasses (sorry, Rachel Zoe... I don't think yours will fit).

Available for purchase at Black Optical.


Movable Type Truck Tour Poster

During last week's Live on the Plaza, I had the pleasure of printing in the Movable Type Truck. Yay! I've been following the progress of the truck since the Kickstarter project began last year, so this was especially exciting.

Movable Type Map

Traveling around the country, owner Kyle Durrie sets up shop and teaches printing techniques, sells nifty products that she's printed and allows type fanatics like me to print in her truck.

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A wonderful new addition to west Norman (Oklahoma) recently opened. 

Introducing... Unlabeled!

Unlabeled Norman Oklahoma

Owner Breanne dreamed of opening a clothing shop and when the opportunity presented itself, she couldn't turn it down. She believes that it's not about the brand or label that you are wearing, but how you wear it. Although a relatively small shop, Unlabeled provides ample selection to get creative with your outfit.

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